Freedom Roses

11x14 oil on linen canvas panel $550.00

Roses and Pewter

11x14 oil on linen canvas panel $550.00

Cut Glass

11x14 oil on canvas board $550.00 SOLD

Yellow and Blue Still Life

14x11 oil on linen board  $600.00

Aunt Carolyn's Antiques

22x18 oil on linen canvas board


Garden Cosmos

14x14 oil on Linen canvas board $500.00

Flo Blue  

20x16 oil on canvas  


Garden Sunflowers and Zinnias

20x16 oil on Canvas $600.00

Blue Hydrangea

24x18 oil on board $600.00

Ironstone and Yellow Roses  

10x20 oil on linen panel  $600.00

Sky of Gold

24x18 oil on canvas $600.00

Cedarville Marsh

20x16 oil on canvas $600.00

Crashing Wave

16x8 oil on linen panel  $550.00

Doug of Billington Sea

24x18 oil on canvas  $600.00

Vintage Tablecloth

16x20 oil on canvas $600.00

Sunflowers and Grapes

24x18 Oil on Canvas $600.00

Contact Carole directly if interested in her original art work.

[email protected]

for prints hit link to Fine Art America on contact page